The Track a Phone by Number is an app which allows track a cell phone through the location sharing in real time.

Its working is simple and based on the geographic coordinates sending by the GPS device to a server on the Internet through Wi-Fi or mobile connection. 

Once sent to the server, these coordinates are accessed for the app and the location brought in an easy reading map.

The location is brought into the app itself, on an easy-to-read map, allowing you to see exactly where the phone was tracked.



Occasions that this app might be useful:


  • Know where your family members or loved ones are: It\'s easy! You install the Track a Phone by Number on your phone. His children, girlfriend, friends, family install the Track a Phone by Number on their phones. Ready! you may in a few clicks, see the location of each other whenever they want.
  • Helping in the location of stolen phones: If the stolen cell phone has the Track a Phone by Number enabled and correctly sending the location, you can track it through another device (which also has the application installed) through the Locate a cell phone function.
  • And many others features: The application also has several other functions that can help you at different times. You can use it in a number of ways that you find useful.


Advantages over competing applications:

  • App built to be easy to use, simple, light and functional, without the using of other resources, beside the necessary ones.
  • It runs in the background, with stealth, releasing the use of the cell phone normally in other tasks.
  • Built to have a low waist of energy if compared with other similar apps and it does not leave processes in the memory when it is deactivated. 
  • Protection mode against the system’s reboot.


The Track a Phone by Number app is in its BETA version, free for testing.



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