The Track a Phone by Number is an app which allows track a cell phone through the location sharing in real time.

Its working is simple and based on the geographic coordinates sending by the GPS device to a server on the Internet through Wi-Fi or mobile connection.

Once sent to the server, these coordinates are accessed for the app and the location brought in an easy reading map.

The app still counts on several resources as the electronic fence, movement alert and others that may help you in several situations in everyday life.


The precision of the location depends on the precision of the GPS device used by the cell phone.

It is recommended working tests in the app before real use, under the purpose of verifying its correct working and compatibility with the cell phone in which it was installed.

Lack of internet connection stops sending location data. Therefore, it is recommended to use connections that are more comprehensive (mobile connection).

The use of the GPS in the cell phone implies a bigger energy waist when it is activated. This app has an algorithm that provides the maximum of energy saving in relation to similar others. Even so, you can set your app in a way it transmits your location data in bigger time gaps, decreasing the time of use of the GPS and consequently the energy waist. To do that, access the setting menu of the app and set it according to the time gap you prefer.

The app Track a Phone by Number  is only a location sharing tool via Internet.

These same location data become public once they are transmitted to the Internet.

In indoor environments as shopping malls, supermarkets, theaters, at home and similar, the location of the GPS may vary or be presented incorrectly.

This app uses a server on the Internet to the data storage location and access. This server is susceptible to sudden or permanent unavailability. The installation of the free or paid version of this app does not imply the guaranty of use and availability of this server, nor obliges or demands the developer of this app to maintain a server always active for this purpose.

The Track a Phone by Number app is in BETA version for testing.  We are not responsible for any consequent harm of the use of this app, as much as eventual fails or inexact information it may transmit.