In this mode you activate an electronic fence surrounding the cell phone you want to monitor. In case the app detects some movement of the device outside the fence, alarms are emitted.

To use this mode, it is necessary that the monitored cell phone has the app Phone Tracker By Number installed and the locator activated. It is also necessary that the monitored cell phone has the active internet (mobile or WIFI) and GPS enabled.

To start using it, open in the main menu the option Activate Eletronic Fence.

Click Proceed on the first screen that appears.

On the next screen, select which cell phone you are monitoring (cell phones registered in your Tracked Phones folder) to activate the Electronic Fence feature.To do this, simply click on the name of desired cell phone.



If you want to test the alarm volume, click the Test Volume button. Or click Proceed to enable Electronic Fence.



Now the application will try to connect to the server and if it succeeds, a message saying that the Electronic Fence has been activated will be displayed on the screen.


Note that now in the main application screen, the icon of the Electronic Fence feature will be active. This means that you have cell phones being monitored by the Electronic Fence mode.

If you would like more information about the monitored phones, click this icon.


By clicking the See On The Map button button, shows you the location of the monitored cell at that moment.

The Manage button is for you to disable Electronic Fence mode or include more cell phones to be monitored by the fence.


If it is detected that the monitored phone has moved out of the electronic fence, you will hear some beeps and an informative message on the screen.

During this mode you can minimize the application if you want to use the cell phone for other purposes or leave it on standby, because the Electronic Fence Mode works in the background.

If the Electronic Fence is no longer needed, it is extremely recommended that it is activated the button  - Deactivate Electronic Fence - to avoid the unnecessary waist of the cell phone resources.