The mode Have you arrived? stablishes a round perimeter of 500 meters in the place of the map chosen by you, what serves as a base to activate an alarm in case the app detects that the monitored cell phone got in this place.

It can be useful in many occasions, once it allows you to know when the monitored phone arrives in a place chosen by you.

To start using it, click the Active Have You Arrived? option in the main application menu. On the next screen, click Proceed.


On the next screen, select which cell phone you are monitoring (cell phones registered in your Tracked Phones folder) to activate the Have You Arrived? mode.To do this, simply click on the name of desired cell phone.


Now you will be taken to a screen with a map, which will allow you to choose a location to trigger the incoming alarm. Drag the map to the location you want, and when you find the region you'll use to trigger the alert, click on it. A confirmation message for the location will be displayed on the screen.


Now the application will try to connect to the server and if it succeeds, a message saying that the Have You Arrived? has been activated will be displayed on the screen.

Note that now in the main application screen, the icon of the Have You Arrived? feature will be active. This means that you have cell phones being monitored by the Have You Arrived? mode.


By clicking the See On The Map button button, you will see the location you selected on the map to be the arrival point of the monitored cell.

The Manage button is for you to disable Have You Arrived? mode or include more cell phones to be monitored by this mode.


If it is detected that the monitored phone entered the place you have chosen, you will hear some alerts and an informative message in the bar of your android.

During this mode you can minimize the application if you want to use the cell phone for other purposes or leave it on standby, because the Have You Arrived? works in the background.

If the Have You Arrived? is no longer needed, it is extremely recommended that it is activated the button  - Deactivate Have You Arrived? - to avoid the unnecessary waist of the cell phone resources.


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