The Track a Phone by Number app allows you to view the history of locations sent by the monitored cell on the map.  This history of locations is generated all the time that the application is active on the phone, even in times when there is no internet connection.

To see a cell phone's location history, click the tracked cell phone icon.


A new window will appear for you containing data from the tracked cell phone.

In this screen, click in History button.


After clicking on the history button a new screen with the markings of the places where the cell phone was on the screen will appear.

These locations are represented by a blue circle.

The number inside the circle follows the sequence in which the locations were sent. That is, a circle with number 00 represents the first location of the cell phone sent on the day, while a circle 01 represents the second. And so on.

By clicking on the circle you will see the date and time the coordinate was sent.

The Day Before button takes you to the coordinates sent the day before the current one being viewed.


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